BEAN was created with simplicity and elegance in mind.

Although the app is only available for iPhones to download, you can sign up through our website right now and start receiving BEAN's!

What is a BEAN?

A BEAN is a short composed message generated by the app that easily suggests a time, place, and reason to meet. Your number/email is only shared when the bean is officially created. After you get the text/email, you can reply to it like you would to any other text/email! -It's that simple.



With a native iPad experience, BEAN focuses on the power of information and productivity.

BEAN focuses on the power of multitasking so that you will never miss a meeting all while networking with new people!


There are a lot of factors

that go into organizing an

event. BEAN takes all the information needed, such

as when, where, and why, and presents options to be

chosen from, so that you can spend less time

planning and more time being you.


The simplicity of information was in every decision when we decided for cross-platform continuity, so BEAN feels like BEAN no matter what device you're on!


More Coming Soon

Stay Tuned! We're working around the clock to push more awesome content into your hands!

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